Silvershotz Folio 2010. Geo Oplaat- Netherlands. Going south, every picture tells a story.

Article text
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In 2009 Geo self-published a book
called “Going South – Every
picture tells a story” in which
many of the photographs he
captured in Southern Europe can
be viewed.
Southern Europe always held a great
attraction for Geo because leaving
northern Europe and going to the South is
always like a warm shower. Not just
because of the weather, but the warmth in
general compared to the North. Although
the character of people differs from
country to country, they have one thing in
common, namely the ability to enjoy life
and to radiate that character to make the
visitor participate. Whether one goes to
Portugal, Greece, Spain or Italy, one feels
at home immediately and feels part of the
Geo carries his camera at all times and
casually ambles around looking for events
to unfold before him and scenes that
catch his eye. There are two things needed
for his style of approach, the first is an
open mind and the ability to be amazed.
The second is the skills to record these
scenes, meaning getting the composition
and the light right. He states that when
you’ve lost these characteristics you will
miss many exciting shots. His
photographs are impressions,
interpretations of moments in time. They
are intuitive, sometimes serious,
sometimes obvious, sometimes alienated.
Geo has maintained a dual career as an IT
professional and photographer; he studied
vocational training photography at the
Fotovakschool in the Netherlands. Geo
combined his love for travel with his love
for photography and the result is an ever
increasing stock library of images taken in
Southern Europe. Geo’s latest award was
the 5th Annual Black and White Spider
Awards, Honorable Mention in the category
of Still Life.
Geo is looking for an agent or gallery
representation. To view more of his images
visit his website